God’s calling UK 2019

I have been honored to help lead the team to Sunderland England for the past three years. The relationships that we have made with our Sunderland family, the Churches that we partner with, and the community, have been incredible. One of the best highlights, has to be seeing and talking to people that we have met the year before and seeing their genuine appreciation and astonishment that we have come back. It’s been asked of us numerous times, “Why would you want to visit Sunderland”? I tell them God’s Word was brought into the North of England many, many, many years ago and now they consider themselves to be in a post Christian Era. Well, if God did it once He’ll do it again. There is a “Huge” need for the people of England to understand that they are valued and very much loved! Whatever I can do to show this, I want to do, by following the will of Our savor Jesus Christ.

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