Dennis - UK Trip Personal Story

During the course of this trip, I was personally trying to figure out what my purpose for being in the UK was. Without a doubt, I knew that God was calling me to be on this trip and the opportunity to go was a definite must! However, I didn't understand the true significance of being in the UK until I met the amazing people that we were with. To see growing churches set foundations in their beliefs and create wonderful relationships with their community was so refreshing. Being in the schools in person and seeing so many people, especially the children and the youth, who didn't know who God was, was so painful for me. It's so easy to hear about christianity and become numb because we live in an area were almost all of our friends have heard about it at some point. However, just being able to talk to the kids about what faith means to us, and how we have faith in a loving and true God allowed me to see the condition of their hearts. It was obvious when talking to the kids, that they were missing something in life and that they are desperately trying to find what it is but with no luck. But we know that they are missing God in their life. To have so many questions asking about the validity of the Bible, how to be a Christian, different religions, the idea of coexistence, was it true that Jesus came back, and so many others, really was an experience. It was amazing to see them be so curious but at the same time, to realize that they're struggling with questions like this at such a young age was surreal. Keep in mind, we got these questions from kids that were as young as 8 years old. The trip was amazing, possibly one of the best weeks of my life and God taught me so much about His character and His love. My biggest takeaway from this trip is that God has opened my heart to others, and my heart aches for the the people in Europe. This trip has created such an upset in my plans for life and at the moment I'm logically processing what my next steps are. I want to live a life that is out of my comfort in such a way that God will use me and stretch me and that I will follow wherever He leads me even if that means sacrificing my wants and my plans. This trip was such a blessing to be apart of, and I am thankful for how God used our team to do His work in Sunderland.

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