Camp of Champions

This past week I had the opportunity to serve with Sunderland Community Church in northern England and help run Camp of Champions. I loved camp because we were split into teams with the same kids everyday so we were able to build great relationships with the kids quickly. The best part of camp for me wasn't the team chants or the games, as fun as they were, but it was our "halftime talks" where we were able to share the gospel. Most of the kids knew who Jesus was but had no clue what he was all about. From the first day when I told them the story of Mary and Martha they were asking excellent questions such as "well, why did Jesus have to come?". Throughout the week the questions grew. It was amazing to see each kid get curious about what this Jesus' love was all about. By the end of the week a boy in our group named Bailey accepted Jesus Christ as his savior! Another little boy who was open about being muslim, was also asking great questions and took a book of the gospel of Mark home. Other kids were asking if we would pray with them one on one, and taking bibles home as well. It was eye opening to see not only the need but the want for the gospel in this area of the world.

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